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rendering in 3D - The 'Nanoose'  
The 'Nanoose' - rendered with shadow casting

Are you looking for a spectacular log home in a really great place? A horseback riding paradise that's on a hill in the countryside with a terrific view, with National Forest back country at your doorstep, yet only minutes from the city center? In a community where all homes are built to strict architectural standards that preserve and enhance the value of your property?horse ranch property for sale with log home designs

Then take a closer look at North Idaho Equestrian Ranch Estates, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Overlooking picturesque downtown Coeur d'Alene, located among serene countryside, set against a vast scene of mountain and lake views; these equestrian ranches will be architecturally styled with a feeling of the national parks of the west. 

Each meadow and treed 5-acre parcel offers an alluring natural location to sustain a charismatic, vibrant & practical environmental community. 

North Idaho Equestrian Ranch Estates - more info

Immensely popular worldwide, crossing cultural and regional boundaries, building with logs continues to flourish. Designs incorporating logs combine contemporary lifestyle, science & technology with traditional organic materials - maintaining comfort and personal expression along with the intrigue of historical continuity.

fully rendered concept - The Nanoose

The 'Nanoose' - rendered in context with setting

Visual Imaging

"The ability to 'see' and 'interact' within the design has become paramount"
- Curt Frountier, International Log Builders Association

Log structures present unique design challenges, acting not only as cosmetic form, but also structural function.  Without knowledge of structural engineering, log joinery details, sheer strength, and more, a design which looks fine on paper may not be adequate in the real world of settling and massive loads.

Virtual Building advances the potential of design, display, analysis and documentation of log home design to levels previously beyond reach.  Thorough and insightful articulation insures that building design, construction and maintenance issues are uncovered and explored completely, prior to dedication.  Permitting simulated 'entry' into the design, the advanced visual display and interactive characteristics extends the capabilities of all interested participants - owners, designers, engineers, manufacturers, contractors, builders, tradesmen, inspectors, etc ...

detail of front entry

The 'Nanoose' - close-up of front entry portal showing log detail

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