Replica Rolex Watches For Sale in UK

Apple, Inc. has introduced the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. They are gorgeous, beautifully designed, full of technological marvels, and like all Apple products, extremely expensive (up to $1,000 for unlocked 128-kb phones, with blackmarket prices twice that in China).Apple also introduced the Apple Watch which at a starting price of $349 I believe will put a number of Swiss designer watches (costing from P25,000 to over P2 million apiece) out of business if they don improve their design, features and pricing.

Apple diehards love the new smartphones. They were so eager to pre-order the latest Cupertino smartphones the Apple pre-order website collapsed. It was the biggest pre-launch iPhone sale by Apple Pay, says Tim Cook, is an entirely new category of service. Payments, he reckons, is a huge business 200 transactions and $12 billion a day, $4 trillion a year, in the US alone. Using NFC or Near Field Communication and fingerprint or touch ID, Apple Pay replaces the plastic credit card, which is 50 years old.

The Apple Watches come in three versions Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, with six kinds of straps rubber, leather and metal, among them. They are accurate within plus or minus 50 milliseconds, have remarkable innovations and tantalizing user interface, being highly customable. As a device telling time, the Apple Watch is already worth the money.But the Apple Watch is a miniature iPhone. It can send and receive text messages and photos, can operate appliances, take dictation, detect location (it can locate your car), detect direction, detect elevation, tell the weather, play music, open your hotel door, check you in with your airline, make payments with Apple Pay.

Apple Watch has what Apple calls Taptic Engine giving you feedback on your wrist. Say you are in a meeting. Your GF can buzz you like tapping your wrist without anybody noticing it. The watch can read heart rate and send the digital version of your heartbeat.

Apple Watch has emoticons or emoji faces or icons showing various emotions like smile, frown, approve, etc.The watch is manipulated by a so-called Digital Crown which you can scroll up or down to surf the menus. Or you can use the Digital Touch. The watch works only with an iPhone, meaning 200 million people already use Apple Watch.

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